Support for the communities

Local commitment
Salini Impregilo strives to ensure that the local communities see the Group as an organisation which respects the cultures, needs and expectations of the people in the areas in which it operates

In the decade between 2005 and 2015, Salini Impregilo completed over 120 initiatives in the social, educational, healthcare, cultural and sporting fields, making a global investment of 9.2 million euro.

The Group's model for the support provided to local communities, which was indeed developed in Ethiopia before being applied to other Countries, is based on three key factors: in-depth knowledge of the territory, listening to and involving the communities and a commitment to support them in their pathway of development.

Many development programmes have been established, and these can be summarised in the following areas:

  • Direct creation of works and infrastructure for public use: the Group's approach consists in offering its skills in the construction industry to the local communities, and intervening directly to design and build infrastructure for the benefit of the residents, relying on their workforce, equipment and subcontractors.

    This approach enables strict controls to be maintained over the implementation of each initiative, so guaranteeing economic and technical efficiency throughout the entire process and also increasing awareness of the sustainability initiatives among employees, customers, partners, subcontractors and local authorities.

    Over the years, approximately 70 development projects have been completed in Ethiopia, including schools, health centres, public offices, water systems, roads and bridges.
  • Development of social initiatives and programmes carried out by the Group and in collaboration with other organisations, by supplying materials, know-how and funds to meet objectives promoting education, healthcare and culture.
  • Free access to the facilities in the construction site: in the rural areas which do not have access to basic services, the Group guarantees the local communities free access to some of the site facilities, such as clinics, training rooms, wells, roads and bridges, instantly improving the quality of life of thousands of people. In the period between 2013 and 2015 alone, in Ethiopia, Salini Impregilo provided over 50,000 healthcare services free of charge to the populations in the neighbouring areas of the Gibe III and GERD construction sites.
  • Reassignment of the site facilities: Salini Impregilo undertakes – in accordance with the principals – to identify solutions for reassigning the site facilities (roads and buildings used as offices and staff accommodation) at the end of the projects, with a view to making them useable for the local communities. For example, at the end of the Beles project, the Group consulted the local communities to discuss the best possible solutions for using the construction site areas in the future. During these meetings, the need to obtain new farmland was brought to light. The rehabilitation works performed therefore focused on creating favourable areas for agricultural use.


Initiatives for the community in Gibe III

The Gibe III project, in addition to having helped develop the local economy and create jobs, was also a strong driving force behind the social development of the area. Over the last few years, many road infrastructures have been built by the Group in the construction site areas, developing a total area of approximately 130 km. These have made the region easier to access and fostered smoother trading conditions. A considerable contribution to the development of the area has also been made by the construction of schools, churches, public buildings and clinics and by the work performed in the field of telecommunications, which established a mobile network in the area for the first time.

The Group's commitment to helping the local communities is not only confined to the areas in which it operates. For instance, Salini Impregilo also helped to build the Gefersa Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre, promoted by the Ethiopian National Initiative for Mental Health, based in the capital. The centre, opened in 2010, is an example of excellence in the healthcare sector, specialised in the rehabilitation and reintegration of the unwell, in both physical and psychological terms.

The commitment of Salini Impregilo to raising the awareness of local populations about the endemic illnesses that afflict the Country and most of the continent is wide-reaching and not restricted to the perimeter of the large open sites. Indeed, since 2011, in a bid to sustain the Ethiopian government's battle against the spread of Aids, the Group has launched prevention and control programmes designed to eradicate the HIV virus, also in the capital Addis Ababa.

One of the Group's most outstanding active development activities performed to support the local communities is the E4Impact Foundation. In 2015, in the wake of the projects launched in the field of education, Salini Impregilo, in collaboration with the companies Securfin and Mapei, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (the largest private university in Europe) and the Always Africa Association, set up the foundation to help create new young entrepreneurs in Africa.

The objective of the E4Impact Foundation is to guarantee the provision of training programmes in 15 Countries of the African Continent by 2020, training 3,000 entrepreneurs, creating 500 new businesses and thousands of jobs. The main initiative launched is the Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship, where a business idea is transformed into a practically feasible business plan. Currently, 200 young people are already taking part in the Master courses organised in various Countries, and by the end of the pilot phase of the project, no less than 60% of the participants had started up a new business.