Salini Impregilo's Role

Our commitment to large infrastructure
A story that began in 1957, and which still continues to this very day. The Group has always been a partner of Ethiopia's government during the country's industrial development process, from the first project to the most recent ones.

The Salini Impregilo Group has been present in Ethiopia since 1957. Over the years the Group has carried out works that are complex and ambitious, as regards technical specifications and their impact on local economy. They have been included historic projects such as the Legadadi dams (under construction 1964-1970), the Little Beles Dam (1986-1992) and the Dire (1996-1998), up to the most recent Beles, Gibe I and Gibe II projects, which when completed satisfed 50% of Ethiopia's energy demand by themselves.

All this sprouts from an energy development plan that continues to this very day, and which saw in 2016 the conclusion of Gibe III, the hydroelectric plant that will make Ethiopia’s energy production grow by 85%. This production boost will touch 270% when the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is completed, the dam that is being built on the banks of the Blue Nile, and will grow further when work is completed on Koysha, the fourth hydroelectric plant driven by the Omo River basin.



Power to Ethiopia

85% of the energy generated in the Country comes from hydroelectric systems



Salini Impregilo’s presence in Ethiopia makes a significant contribution to the economic and social development of the country, thanks to a consistent policy of hiring local staff and suppliers, supporting their growth over time.

Direct local investments by Salini Impregilo also act as a trigger for satellite industries, exponentially multiplying the effects on the country’s economy. In 2015 alone, Salini Impregilo was responsible for 1.3% of Ethiopia’s GDP, 1.5% of household income and tax revenue, and 0.4% of all jobs [1].






These hydroelectric ‘giants’ also contribute to the development of large sections of the local population, starting from those who are directly involved in building them.

As a whole, every project that has been carried out during these years engaged thousands of people, the majority of whom of Ethiopian nationality. Gibe III, on its own, during peak periods, provided work to 8,000 people.

For many of these people it was the first opportunity to work for a large international organisation, learning new technical and professional skills that will be useful for their entire lifetime.

Gibe III and GERD gave birth to new carpenters, drivers and specialised workers. Many of these people made the most of this experience and in some cases managed to start their own small business.

Some of these, who had started as workers, are now suppliers and subcontractors to Salini Impregilo and other corporations operating in the country.

All this is part of a wider outlook, aimed at the participation and development of local communities in the Group's activities in Ethiopia.

Over the years the Group has completed 20 projects for an overall amount of €9 billion.

All these have significantly impacted the country's economy.

The most recent ones are Gibe III (completed in 2016) and GERD, Africa's largest dam, which will increase Ethiopia's energy production by 270%.


[1] Figures from a study conducted by the company with methodological oversight by KPMG Italia.